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Ca' del Prete

Pino d'Asti (Piemonte)

Ca' del Prete

In the extreme Northwest of Astigiano in Piedmont, located between two small valleys, there is Pino d'Asti. It is a village of only 200 people, always devoted to viticulture thanks to the characteristics of the soil, rich in fossils, that can provide excellent wines.

Right here you can find the winery Ca' del Prete. Its name is linked to the fact that the farmhouse where now there is the cellar, once was connected to the ancient rectory above.
Ca’ del Prete lies on six hectares of vineyard. The vineyards of Freisa, Schierano Malvasia, Barbera and Bonarda are grown with respect for the tradition and for the landscape: wooden poles, Guyot, grass and insertion of nests to encourage the presence of small birds and bats, precious for the ecosystem of the vineyard.The harvest is strictly handmade.

Ca’ del Prete wines have scents and flavors that give unique sensations, where the ethereal marries the roundness and the great structure typical of the wines of these hills.

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Freisa d'Asti Superiore
Freisa d'Asti Superiore
10.00 €