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Pinot Grigio I.G.T.


Az. Agr. Ferlat Silvano

Pinot Grigio I.G.T.
12.00 € / bottle
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The freshness and elegance of Pinot Grigio Ramato by Moreno Ferlat is evident at first sight, thanks to its nuances that remember the color of the grapes illuminated by the sunlight.

The harvest is strictly handmade at the end of August and in early September, when the sun is still high in the sky but the air smells of the first scents of autumn. Then, the process is slow to get the most from the grapes. This refined wine is characterized by its floral notes and its delicacy.

A white ideal to be paired with appetizers and fine cuisine, adding a touch of minerality to your meetings.

Pinot grigio
Alcohol Content
Alcohol Content:
12.5 %
Bottle Size
Bottle Size:
Produced Quantity
Produced Quantity:
Local Food Match
Local Food Match:
Appetizers and finger food
Serving Advice
Serving Advice:
12 degrees
Sensory Characteristics
Sensory Characteristics:
Appearance: a shiny copper, almost salmon, that remembers the color of the grapes seen backlight
Nose: delicate floral notes, yellow fruit, cherry and strawberry, candy
Taste: the taste is fresh and young, with a hint of acidity and mineral; enveloping savory with notes of fruits, even pomegranate