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Friulano D.O.C.


Az. Agr. Ferlat Silvano

Friulano D.O.C.
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Take a seat in an osteria in Friuli, in the North-East of Italy, and ask for a glass of Friulano or, how locals still call it, Tocai. There’s no better wine to get to know this mysterious but generous land. Friulano by Moreno Ferlat is the wine dedicated to his land

A delicate white with floral aromas, whose softness caresses the palate. Round and velvety, it is a very balanced mineral wine whose careful process begins from the manual harvest made in September. Perfect for your aperitfs or to be paired with pastas and soups to give freshness to your meals.

Tocai Friulano
Alcohol Content
Alcohol Content:
13.0 %
Bottle Size
Bottle Size:
Produced Quantity
Produced Quantity:
Local Food Match
Local Food Match:
Meats and cheeses, pasta and soups
Serving Advice
Serving Advice:
12-14 degrees
Sensory Characteristics
Sensory Characteristics:
Appearance: straw yellow, golden with delicate green tints
Nose: floral aromas - jasmine and olea fragrans - and fruity notes with a typical scent of bitter almonds and vegetal
Taste: rich mineral vein and a very smooth flavor; round, large, velvety, pleasant to drink, balanced between acidity and smoothness