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Castrum Castrocari etichetta viola


Marta Valpiani

Castrum Castrocari etichetta viola
10.00 € / bottle
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As for the white label, purple label is a cru as well, coming from a specific vineyard, the one close to the lake. At first sip you can feel the territory inside the glass: there are Mediterranean shrubs that burn under the summer sun, the delicate and spicy notes of ginger around which you can smell brackish hints.
Castrum Castrocari purple label is enveloping and is able to accompany with taste and delicacy pasta dishes like pappardelle, spicy meats and aged cheeses.

Alcohol Content
Alcohol Content:
13.5 %
Bottle Size
Bottle Size:
Produced Quantity
Produced Quantity:
Local Food Match
Local Food Match:
Ideal with papparedelle, seasoned cheeses, chicken with curry and red meat
Serving Advice
Serving Advice:
17-19 degrees
Sensory Characteristics
Sensory Characteristics:
Appearance: brilliant ruby red with good transparency
Nose: the cherry and the violets are perceived from the first sip, as well as the shrubs of Mediterranean, the spicy notes of ginger and the delicate brackish hints
Taste: warm and enveloping as a caress before showing its scratchy tannins