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Tales of Poets


Bele Casel

Tales of Poets
76.02 € / box
box (6 bottles) / minimum order
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Nature reigns supreme along the gentle slopes of Asolo hills, soft and green, a land of inspiration for artists, poets and writers. A garden in which mother nature, gentle and friendly, protects a hundred-year history and whispers ancient tales.
Bele Casel vineyards live in this romantic and hospitable land, thanks to the kindness and respectful job from this family whose ambition is to produce an enviable Prosecco, appreciated all over the world.
"Tales of poets" is a selection that brings together the best Prosecco to give you unforgettable moments and let you live a journey through history. The delicacy of Asolo hills will surround you thanks to the refinement and elegance that only Bele Casel wines can give. Appetizers, desserts and dinners with friends will have a new taste. You will fall in love with this selection.

The Welcome Box “Tales of Poets”  includes:

  • 2 ColFondo: straw yellow with fine, persistent bubbles, this wine changes from one moment to the next; from the classic fresh fruit notes and “bread crust” that you find in Prosecco as soon as fermentation is complete, more complex notes emerge the longer the wine is in the glass thanks to the presence of the lees. As on the nose, delicate notes of fruit evolve as elegant hints of yeast emerge
  • 2 Extra Dry: straw yellow color, creamy fizziness with fine, persisting bubbles; intense fruity aromas with notes of yellow apple, pear, and exotic fruit, with hints of wisteria and acacia flower. Well balanced and delicate, with intensely fresh aromatic notes. Elegant and harmonious on the palate. An excellent aperitif wine. Pair with dry pastry, finger foods, and cakes. This wine is especially well suited for pandoro and panettone
  • 1 Brut: light, soft fizziness with persistent bubbles, fresh aromas with notes of golden apple, grapefruit; elegant and well balanced flavor. Pair with appetizers and fish dishes
  • 1 Dry: light, soft fizziness with persistent bubbles, fresh fruity aromas with hints of sour apple and banana and floral notes dominated by acacia flower. Elegant flavor, slightly sweet, velvety, refined, and lingering on the palate. An ideal wine for festive occasions and dry pastry