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Sardinian Mysteries

Red, White

Vini Evaristiano

Sardinian Mysteries
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box (6 bottles) / minimum order
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Sardinia, a land full of intense sensations, is the mother of ancient wines. The vineyards of Vini Evaristiano are here, between wind and sea, in the magic land of Nuraghes, mysterious constructions that protect the area since the dawn of time.
The ancestral flavors and aromas of this special part of the world reveal all their power in Sardinian Mysteries, a selection of the most representative wines of this territory.
Vermentino, Monica and Cannonau are the autochthonous varieties that the nuns of Sacred Heart brought back to life. Now you can discover them with our exclusive Sardinian Mysteries. Kings of a wild land, these white and red wines are harmony for the senses. Fruity and floral notes express themselves in an amazing concert of flavors and fragrances. Perfect wines for every occasion, they accompany your aperitifs with personality and intensity, but also first dishes, and the finest meat and seafood dishes.

The Welcome Box “Sardinian Mysteries”  includes:

  • 2 Is Araus: organic Vermentino is dry, soft and well-rounded, with a complex, slightly bitter aftertaste. Straw-yellow with greenish reflection, the nose presents a subtle fruitiness. Perfect with fish, seafood and shellfish, and fresh cheese
  • 2 Flora: Monica, native varietal from Sardinia, is a warm and soft wine, sweet and balanced. As the name suggests, a strong fruity and floral smell makes this organic wine representative of the aromas of the area. It goes well with fresh cheese, chicken with myrtle, pasta with savory sauces, white meats roasted and grilled, stewed beef
  • 2 Aristo: it is a Cannonau, one of the most traditional native varietals. Its intense aromas and ruby red colour remind us of the strong character of Sardinia. Full-bodied, distinctive, warm, harmonious, this wine is ideal to pair with pasta, roasted meats (especially pork and lamb), seasoned cheese