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Sangiovese Red Passion


Marta Valpiani

Sangiovese Red Passion
63.00 56.70 € / box
box (6 bottles) / minimum order
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Sangiovese is the wine of Romagna, the wine that tells the history and the art of this land, and reveals its ancient gastronomic culture loved in every part of the world. Here the energy of the soil is combined with the impetuosity of the sea giving great wines. “Sangiovese Red Passion” is a selection of the best Sangiovese by Marta Valpiani, produced with a philosophy that respects the biodiversity, avoiding the use of chemicals products and using only the most advanced techniques.

This selection is perfect for those who like red wines and strong tastes, balanced and elegant at the same time: freshness and roundness, floral notes, hints of fruit and spice tones alternate each other in an incessant dance of flavors. “Sangiovese Red Passion” exalts your dishes and your meetings with a touch of vitality and warmth that only a good wine can give.

The Welcome Box “Sangiovese Red Passion”  includes:

  • Castrum Castrocari purple label: a red wine that holds Mediterranean scents and flavors with the spicy touch of ginger. A wine that can give taste and refinement to pasta dishes like pappardelle, to spicy meats and aged cheeses
  • Castrum Castrocari white label: a fresh wine with an intense ruby red color. Its fragrance remembers floral scents that make it perfect to match with dishes of typical Italian cuisine like tagliatelle
  • Castrum Castrocari Riserva: Sangiovese par excellence, its uniqueness and its strong personality derived from aging in French oak barrels for over a year. The body and the intense fruity notes make it the ideal wine for meats and pasta