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Rare Tuscany

Red, White

Az. Agr. Il Calamaio

Rare Tuscany
54.00 48.60 € / box
box (6 bottles) / minimum order
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Tuscany is the land of hills and cypresses that stand solitary in endless fields, of large country houses surrounded by fields of sunflowers and lush vineyards. A land that doesn't need to ask, strong, majestic, kingdom of Renaissance, mother of the art that changed the history of the world.
Tuscany is this and much more, but if you do not know it through its wines, you cannot fully understand it, you cannot reach its soul.
"Rare Tuscany" is the selection of the excellent organic wines from Il Calamaio. In its white and red wines, strength and delicacy create a perfect balance and harmony.
In "Rare Tuscany" you can find the magnificence of this land: its fruits, its flowers, which are revealed in the notes of refined wines such as Sangiovese, typical of this area, Muscat and Petit Manseng, grapevines with a great personality, and the rare Bonamico, native grapevine that is facing extinction, and that Il Calamaio has decided to rediscover and to offer in its "Rare Tuscany".

The Welcome Box “Rare Tuscany”  includes:

  • 2 Poiana: the real Sangiovese, wine that charms for its brilliant ruby tints and for its long and dry taste. Perfect balance between acidity and smoothness, thanks to the delicate tannins, Poiana gives aromas of ripe fruits and fresh flowers such as cherry, currant and purple. Ideal with grilled meats and mature cheese
  • 2 Antenato: blend of Sangiovese, Muscat and Bonamico, it has a bright ruby red colour and aromas of flowers and ripe red fruits with a hint of spicy pepper. Freshness, softness and persistence, perfect with meat and aged cheese
  • 2 Soffio: soft, elegant, unconventional, here comes the name of this blend of Chardonnay and Petit Manseng. Its aromas of banana, pear and pineapple, are accompanied by fresh flowers such as hawthorn. A persistent wine with a strong acidity, perfect with seafood stews and cheeses