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Heat of South Italy

Red, Rosé, White

Luca e Sara Carbone

Heat of South Italy
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box (6 bottles) / minimum order
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In the heart of South Italy there is a magic land called Basilicata. It is not popular, it is very far from the relentless traffic of large cities. Its isolation is its modern luck. If you travel through Basilicata, it might happen that you don’t see a house or a person for miles and miles. But suddenly a village perched on the mountains appears on the horizon. Small villages fixed to an indistinct yesterday without worries about tomorrow. Luca and Sara’s vineyards are surrounded by this fairytale aura. Luca and Sara, two brothers and winemakers that produce excellent wines, full-bodied, with an intense character, warm and overwhelming as the people from the South.
"Heat of South Italy" is a selection of the best wines from Vulture in Basilicata. It’s a unique opportunity to discover this unspoilt land. These wines are lava fire, the fire of Southern people, the warmth of a wonderful land that will overwhelm your senses.

The Welcome Box “Heat of South Italy”  includes:

  • 2 Nero Carbone 2011: rubin red, intensely scented with forest fruit; fresh, dry and well balanced, easy to drink
  • 1 Stupor Mundi 2012: rubin red, very intense; complex to the nose, with a predominance of an underwood and red ripe fruit flavour linked to some elegantly spiced notes, very persistent; rich of velvety tanning, pulpy, well balanced
  • 1 400 Some 2011: rubin red, with violet hues; to the nose red currant, blackberries and spices; soft, right tanning, elegant structure, it is a delicate balance between wood and nature for those who love Aglianico authenticity
  • 1 Fiano 2013: straw yellow with green highlights; pleasantly fruity, elegantly aromatic and harmonious; medium body with agreable acidity and a dry, pleasantly velvety, soft finish
  • 1 Rosa Rosato 2013: a rosé wine that comes from young vines in a volcanic soil in the South of Italy. Luca and Sara Carbone created something rare. The body is typical of Aglianico, but freshness and drinkability make the Rosa Carbone unique