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Essence of Friuli

White, Red

Az. Agr. Ferlat Silvano

Essence of Friuli
78.00 70.20 € / box
box (6 bottles) / minimum order
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Essence of Friuli is a selection of the best wines from Friuli, a trip to discover this land through its flavors and traditions: from the roundness of intense red wines such as Cabernet Franc and Merlot, to the elegance of Friulano, Pinot Grigio, Malvasia and Sauvignon, excellent white wines, delicate and fruity.

Taste the wines from Friuli, the same wines that can be found in the ancient taverns where the smell from the kitchen and the crackling on the fire in the fireplace create a family atmosphere, warming the hearts and the souls. It’s like being at the table of an old farmer ready to offer to his guests the wine produced with the grapes of his small vineyard.

These wines tell stories, places and faces of this borderland, mysterious but generous, made up of fertile and green hills near Isonzo river. Complex wines, never dull because they are sincere and authentic like the people of this land.

The Welcome Box “Essence of Friuli”  includes:

  • Cabernet Franc: typical Friulian red wine, it enchants for its intense ruby red and its deep, rich violet hues. Its aroma is complex, fruity and spicy and changing rapidly. A structured wine with a long persistence, ideal throughout the meal
  • Merlot: an extraordinary red wine for its richness and complexity; powerful and impetuous but fine and elegant. The long aging in oak barrels gives originality and character to this red wine, perfect to accompany your meals
  • Friulano: this white wine is round and smooth; it has a delicate floral aroma, its softness caresses the palate. Very balanced mineral wine, ideal to enjoy your aperitifs or to exalt pasta dishes and soups
  • Pinot Grigio Ramato: elegant wine for its floral notes and its delicacy. A white wine perfect with appetizers and refined dishes; it gives a touch of minerality
  • Grame: widespread in the regions of the Adriatic Sea since ancient Greece, the Istrian Malvasia has an intense floral bouquet with fruity and spicy notes. The palate is extremely persistent with a marked note of sweet spices fused with a recall of vanilla
  • Sauvignon: a white brightly colored, almost exotic. Its refinement comes from the careful selection of the grapes; this wine is sincere, immediate, for people who love fresh flavors