Who is The Winefathers?

The Winefathers s.r.l. semplificata (simplified LLC) is the manager of a web portal that brings together selected Italian artisan winemakers and wine lovers from all over the world thus enhancing the history and the special features of the blend, the tradition of the cultivation methods and oenological innovations, as well as the local culture of the wine-growing region.

What does the portal offer?

Through the portal you can purchase quality wines and support the specific winemakers’ projects and in return you will become related to the winemakers plus you will get benefits in proportion to the relevant offer such as taking part in the grape harvest, receiving discounts and gifts and enjoying guided visits to the production sites. Moreover you can also support the winemakers' projects with a donation and in return you will become winefriend of the winemaker.

Who are the winemakers in the Portal?

The registered winemakers are Italian artisan winemakers selected by The Winefathers according to specific criteria.

What types of wine are offered in the portal?

The offer includes the artisanal wines produced by each winemaker. The wines are carefully selected and range from red and white wines to sparkling, rose and dessert wines from different Italian regions. Quantities are limited since the winemakers’ main focus is on quality rather than quantity.

Why should I make purchases via The Winefathers?

Because The Winefathers offers quality, safety, reliability and the unique opportunity of establishing a direct relationship with the winemakers while receiving special benefits. Because it allows to purchase selected wines with limited availability that are not marketed through the standard distribution channels.

What does The Winefathers gain?

The Winefathers promotes the winemakers’ activity and highlights their specific features. It serves as a meeting place for the customers and the artisanal producers. A fee is paid by the winemakers for the services offered by The Winefathers


How do transactions work?

Registered users may decide to purchase the wines available on the portal or become a friend or become a relative of one or more Italian artisan winemakers. Once the items are added to the cart and the delivery address is selected, users will be redirected to the PayPal website to make the payment. Within 2 working days users will receive an order confirmation email by The Winefathers ensuring acceptance of the order by the winemaker. The payment is processed upon receipt of order confirmation.

Do you deliver the wines to any country?

No, we do not ship the wines to any location. For each product, you will find a list of the countries we deliver to. The products are generally delivered to EU countries and some states in the US and Canada. However, exceptions can be made. If you are a user and you come from a country where our winemakers do not deliver to, contact us here and we will refer the matter to the winemaker and check whether the delivery can be organised and, if it can, at what price.

What if the product is not available?

If the product ordered is not available, the Winefathers sends a notification to the user and the order is not executed. In this case, no money is charged for the order.

What is included in the product price?

All product prices are expressed in Euros and are inclusive of VAT and any additional taxes. Shipping costs are shown and calculated during the purchasing process before submission of the order by the user and they are also displayed in the Order Summary webpage.

What payment methods do you accept?

We use PayPal, the most popular and secure payment system worldwide. The main credit and debit cards are accepted but you can also make payments through your PayPal account. Payment by bank transfer is also available.

May I withdraw from the purchase agreement?

Pursuant to Article 64 and seq. of Legislative Decree No. 206/2005 and its subsequent amendments, if the customer is a consumer (viz. a natural person who purchases an item for purposes not related to his/her professional/entrepreneurial activity; or s/he does not make the purchase specifying, in the order form, a VAT No. reference), s/he is entitled to withdraw from the purchase agreement for any reason whatsoever, without any penalty, except as specified in the next question.
To exercise said right, the customer shall send a formal request to the producer by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt within 14 working days from the goods receipt date or by certified email.
In the event of multiple items being purchased with a single order or items being divided in batches, the term starts from the delivery of the last item.

When am I not entitled to withdraw from the agreement?

The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised when the essential condition of product integrity (intended as the integrity of the package and/or its content) is not fulfilled and when the producer ascertains that:

  • the external package and/or the internal original package is missing;
  • integral parts of the product are missing or anomalies are detected;
  • the product has been damaged and such damage is not ascribable to its transportation;
  • the product is in a dirty state due to its use, which has compromised its integrity.

What should I do if the product has a defect?

The customer shall send a formal request to the producer by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt within 14 working days from the goods receipt date or by certified email.
In the event of multiple items being purchased with a single order or items being divided in batches, the term starts from the delivery of the last item.
Once the producer receives the registered letter or certified email, s/he will send an email to the customer authorising the return shipment to his/her premises within 10 days.

Who is responsible for the return shipping fees?

Until delivery of warehouse receipt by the producer, the shipment is under the sole responsibility of the customer.
In the event that the product is damaged during transportation, the producer shall promptly notify the customer (within 5 working days after receipt of the good in the warehouse) so that s/he can timely file a complaint against the carrier and obtain a refund of the item price (if covered by insurance); in this case, the product will be made available to the customer for its return and the withdrawal request will be cancelled. The producer is not in any way liable for any damage or theft/loss of goods returned via an uninsured delivery. The producer shall refund the whole amount already paid by the Customer within the shortest possible time and in any case within 30 days after the date of receipt of the withdrawal notice, upon receipt of the product in question, by transfer of the amount charged on the Credit Card or by Bank Transfer. In the latter case, the customer shall promptly provide the bank details for the refund.

Who is responsible for resolving issues and managing claims?

The sale of goods also through groups or flash sales and the organisation and execution of the projects are entirely managed by the producer.
Each agreement relating to the sale of goods also through purchasing groups or flash sales as well as the organisation and execution of projects shall be understood as concluded directly between the producer and the customer, with all its legal, administrative and fiscal implications.
Therefore, the producer assumes full responsibility for the quality, safety, morality and legality of any aspect pertaining to the goods sold or the project proposed. The Winefathers has no control over these aspects.
The producer assumes full responsibility for the management of the package of the good sold and the storage, transportation or shipment thereof.

How long will my order take to arrive?

The Winefathers is not an e-commerce. The winemakers involved in the project are artisans who spend most part of the day in the vineyards and wine cellars. As independent artisans, they cannot rely on the support from organisations. Given this fact, orders are usually fulfilled in 5 working days. Delivery times may vary depending on the carrier selected by the winemaker.


Why should I take part in the projects?

The contribution of each single user makes the difference as it allows the small and independent winemakers who are passionately dedicated to their artisan activity to fulfil their fondest dreams. Your contribution will be rewarded with special benefits.

What does it mean to become a relative of an Italian winemaker?

Each producer will present a project in which the users can take part by making money transfers. The users will thus become related to the producer and, in return, they will receive a reward in proportion to the degree of relatedness achieved at the end of the project (for instance, rewards can be in the form of discounted or free bottles, visits to the vineyards or harvest experiences).

What does it mean to become a friend of an Italian winemaker?

Instead of being related to the winemaker, you and the winemaker can become “winefriends” and, as a friend, you make a free donation to support a given project.

How can I keep up with the status of a project?

The winemakers will regularly update the status of the respective projects on the website

How long shall I wait to receive my reward?

The certificates of winefriend, winecousin, wineuncle, winebrother and winefather are sent via e-mail directly from The Winefathers within 15 working days from the acquisition of the relationship by the Customer.
You will receive the other rewards at the end of the project. Goods that have to be supplied by the Producer are shipped within 15 working days after the termination of the project. The date of termination is written in the presentation of the project. Mode and timing for the supply of services such as dinners, tastings, accomodation, etc. have to be agreed between the Customer and the Producer.


When is portal subscription necessary?

The portal is freely accessible by anyone but, if you wish to make an order or become a relative of an Italian artisan winemaker, you need to subscribe to the portal and provide the data required for the registration process.

May I cancel my subscription?

Of course, you can unsubscribe using the relevant section of the MyPage area.

What can I find on MyPage?

MyPage is a private area that the users can access by entering their own credentials. On MyPage user account data and information on his/her activity are stored.

How can I review a product?

After purchasing a product, you can review it by clicking on the relevant icon on the wine profile. You can give a vote and write your review about the product.

How can I bookmark a product?

By clicking on the I LOVE THIS icon in the wine profile you can save the wine among your MyPage Favorites.

How can I get in touch with a winemaker?

The portal is equipped with a messenger system enabling registered users to write messages to a winemaker. You simply need to click on the mailbox icon that you find in the producer’s profile.

How can I get in touch with The Winefathers?

Please visit our Contact section and call us on +39 327 5618717 or write an email to