Let's rise the Riesling vineyard

Let's rise the Riesling vineyard

by Marco Cecchini

Let's rise the Riesling vineyard

Marco Cecchini

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In February 2014, Marco Cecchini faced a landslide longer than 20 metres and higher than 3. He lost more than 300 vines. With this project, his dream is to restore the vineyard to its ancient beauty, to be able to continue to produce a great wine. The Riesling.

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About the project

I started to produce wine to help my grandfather in 1998. From the beginning I understood I would have never left this beautiful world. From the small vineyard where I started working, I founded a young company that produces wines of character and quality.
I love making wine because it’s the most direct way to give moments of pleasure to people. Pleasure that is expressed through a good bottle but also keeping clean and intact the enviroment where my wine was born.
I believe the dream of each winemaker is to try to give his vineyards a life as longer as possible through the years. For this reason we work them personally and 100% by hand.
In February 2014, as a result of torrential rains that hit Friuli Venezia Giulia, we faced a landslide longer than 20 metres and higher than 3. We lost more than 300 vines but the greatest expense is to reshape and consolidate the wound created in the hills, to place drains in order to eliminate the excess of water and enormous stones for containment.My project target is to restore the vineyard to its ancient beauty. In that way I will be able to continue to produce a great wine I love. The Riesling.

Marco Cecchini

The Winemaker

Marco Cecchini is an artisan in the winemaking but an artist in the interpretation of the terroir. He names himself “independent”, because he respects every winemaking philosophy but prefers to follow his vision. In Marco Cecchini’s winery some of the most interesting and dynamic expressions of fruit from his native Friuli are generated.

Marco Cecchini

Update \6


Adventure of a lifetime

I joined The Winefathers team 1 year ago to start the first project of crowdfunding for Italian wineries. And it's been a great year, to be honest. I had the opportunity to meet some of the Wine Relatives and the Winefriends who have helped us to rebuild the Riesling vineyards, that are so special to me, and I found them fantastic. I hope I was able, during their visits, to transmit a little bit of my desire to succeed and reach the goal.

The project was not easy and very ambitious. The landslide has a large front and the soil needs consolidation and major repair works. New drains and ballast have to be placed at the base of the hill. The huge earth moving machines must reach a side of our inaccessible hill. It was impossible to finance the entire project. But at the end of it, at the 1st of August, we have 5 Winecousins, 1 Winebrother, 1 Wineaunt and 55 Winefriends for almost 2,000 euros!
And a lot of Wine Relatives and Winefriends also support the projects of my colleagues throughout Italy.

I think it is a huge success. Not necessarily related to my project, but to the idea that something is changing in Italy. Crowdfunding is a great tool to democratizing economy that potentially make everyone participates, according to the possibilities, to the life of small and medium wineries, bringing people closer to the world of agriculture that modern society abandoned some generations ago.

With the donations that I received, I am going to pay the consultancy services we needed to analyze the landslide and decide what to do. Then we will request, thanks to the Rural Development Plan 2015/2020, some funding for the hydrogeological reorganization of the hill. We hope to achieve good scores, I'm confident because our winery works in an organic way and this gives us a good chance to get ahead in the classification.
Agriculture needs patience. Its time is slower than everyday life. We must wait: the harvest, a good season, the fruits... But we will not leave the vineyard. During the winter we will start to thin out the vegetation that has invaded the landslide area, to help the passage of the machines and we will order the new vines we have to plant.

Dear Wine Relatives and Winefriends, thank you so much because you believed in me, in The Winefathers and in a world that can change. For the better. Always.

Adventure of a lifetime

Update \5


The story so far

In this video there are the most important moments of this adventure together to raise the Riesling vineyard. Step by step, this project is becoming reality thanks to the support of the relatives and the Winefriends that believe in it. The road ahead is still long, but the achievements are many and the desire to realize it is even more.

Do you want to watch this special video? Become relative or Winefriend of our winemaker Marco and be part of the wine family!

The story so far

Update \4


The first shy grapes and the future

My plans to start the reconstruction of the landslide have partially changed because the necessary authorizations took longer than expected. In addition, the equipment I need is booked until winter, engaged in the excavation of corridors to drain rainwater and in the work of agrarian arrangement in the hills of Friuli.

For these reasons, I decided to extend the duration of the project to next spring. In this way we have enough time to restore the slopes, following the rhythms of nature. A project that requires efforts and hard work but that has already given the first results thanks to the support of our enthusiastic relatives.

The work done until now has given its first fruits, in the truest sense of the word: in fact, during the last walk in the landslide I discovered that the vines, pruned this winter and ordered in summer, have given their first shy Riesling grapes. They are beautiful, they are healthy despite all the problems. Now they are waiting to be harvested. Wow, that’s incredible!


I will personally go down in that big hole to protect this brave effort. Perhaps there won’t be the necessary quantity of must to fill a single bottle but in a few months we will reach our goal. Be ready, because I will organize a big party to celebrate our success!

The first shy grapes and the future

Update \3


What happens when you meet a landslide

Friuli, North-East of Italy. February 2014. Everyone remembers that year for the frequency and intensity of rainfalls throughout the winter, spring, summer and autumn and again the winter. Old people were amazed by that rainy year.

In February I usually continue the work in the countryside, in particular I spend time with the pruning.
That February, I hadn’t walked through my vineyard, the one I call “1867”, for a couple of weeks. I call it "1867" for the engraving written on the camp situated on the top of the hill and built by Angelo Toffoletti, an old shepherd whose story is still unknown.

My neighbour, a retired lady with the passion of collecting wild herbs around the vineyards, stopped me while I was going back to my cellar, coming home for lunch. She asked me if I saw the landslide. I asked her peacefully where it was. I thought she was talking about some small landslides in other vineyards. My vineyard is made of terraces and steps. For me it is unsinkable.
She told me to go back to the South side. I walked smoothly. You know, I modelled the whole hill at the beginning of my career, so I know all its corners and weaknesses.
I looked around. Everywhere. But I couldn’t see anything strange. I couldn’t understand. I walked rapidly until I realized that I couldn’t see the horizon anymore. I could not see the continuity of the grapevines all lined up like dancers in elegant pose, I could not see the support posts; what I saw, instead, was the lacerate wires. I could almost hear their scream while they were falling down.

A chasm large more than twenty meters with a jump of three. A crater that seems created by a meteorite.
The first thought, to be honest, is the noise. Did this vineyard scream while it was falling down? Why didn’t I hear anything? Then I looked down at the bottom of the grapevines, static and respectful of their position.

I stopped looking at the landslide for a while. The second thought is immediate: a few calls, a geologist and get back on track. Then The Winefathers arrival. But this is another story.

What happens when you meet a landslide

Update \2


Riesling vines are still alive!

We managed to open a passage into the bush on the west side of the landside. We worked hard for three days using brush cutter with wire, knife and a chainsaw but the show we saw amazed us. Riesling vines are still alive, they seem in good shape. Pruning made in winter encouraged the gems to grow and push in search of the sun. Now that the passage to the east side is restored, we are thinking how to try to save the vines and replant them.

Unfortunately we should postpone to this winter the remodeling of the side that succumbed. Now the work in the countryside is too challenging to spend our efforts in the consolidation of the hill. If we could save at least 50% of the vines, we would achieve a great result.

Riesling vines are still alive!

Update \1


The dream comes true

The first step will be to prune the vines the shorter we can, to try to replant them in a different place. After that, we are going to cut the grass and then start moving the soil, trying to reshape the old vineyard, to rise again the Riesling vineyard.

Thanks again for your support and have a nice day!


  • Name of the winefriend on the memorial panel in the new Riesling vineyard
  • Individually numbered certificate of winefriend sent via email by The Winefathers
100 €
  • 1 numbered postcard signed by Marco Cecchini with his personal thank you
  • Name of the relative on the memorial panel in the new Riesling vineyard
  • Name of the relative on the memorial Riesling Igt Venice 2014 label
  • N°1 bottle Riesling Venezia Giulia Igt 2014
  • Individually numbered certificate of winecousin sent via email by The Winefathers
200 €
  • Everything foreseen for the winecousin
  • 1 poster 50 x 70 from Marco Cecchini winery signed and numbered
  • 1 bottle from the personnel reserve Riesling 2009 Igt Venezia Giulia
  • Individually numbered certificate of wineuncle sent via email by The Winefathers
500 €
  • Everything foreseen for the wineuncle
  • 2 nights for 2 people in the suite Bed and Breakfast www.dorsariabedandbreakfast.it in Friuli Venezia Giulia
  • Individually numbered certificate of winebrother sent via email by The Winefathers
1000 €
  • Everything foreseen for the winebrother
  • Invitation to a dinner personally cooked by Marco Cecchini
  • Participation in a day of harvest or a working day in the vineyards to discover the secrets of a winemaker
  • Individually numbered certificate of winefather sent via email by The Winefathers