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Welcome Lauren!

by The Winefathers

20/SEP/2016 in Events


News from The Winefathers' family! Come and meet Lauren!

We are excited to announce that Lauren Pricer will be joining us as our new US Business Representative to help spread the word about The Winefathers in the USA!

Lauren has a passion for Italy and a strong belief in the importance of smaller-production, high quality, honest goods and services.  Her home state of Vermont is, like Italy, a place where community is cherished and artisans abound.  She found the Winefathers while looking for entrepreneurs to feature in her blog about Italy, and quickly realized that our values and hers were similarly aligned – discovery and support of genuine craftspeople dedicated to making distinctive goods with care.  This past June she was able to visit Luca and Sara Carbone, our winemakers in Basilicata, and the meaningful experience solidified her desire to work with us.  She feels that there are many people in the US who would like to support winemakers like ours, but that the information on how to do it has historically been hard to find…until now.

Lauren graduated from Middlebury College and worked in the financial industry for many years before staying home to raise her children, all of whom are now in school.  She can speak Italian and will soon be certified as an Italian Wine Professional by the Napa Valley Wine Academy.  She travels to Italy yearly, often with her family, making new connections along the way.

Benvenuta, Lauren!  Welcome!