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Vivino: the “social oriented” app for the wine

by The Winefathers

13/OCT/2016 in Press


Vivino is the largest wine application in circulation, no bottle now has more secrets and little time you can find a retailer nearby. An application that is set to grow and gain more and more wine lovers!

Surely the name is popular even among the less accustomed to using digital platforms within food & wine, a little experiment started in a country where wine is not even produced (Denmark), that quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. We are talking about Vivino, the application for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, that is able to "scan" the label of the bottle that you are consuming, giving you more or less detailed information about the wine.

Heini Zachariassen, Danish founder and CEO of Vivino, in an interview with, explained: "As a wine lover I was frustrated by how difficult it was to find simple information about wine, especially when you do not know anything about it. This has triggered the first project: build a wine database similar to the IMDB (Internet Movie DataBase)". This is how Vivino started, but, on top of a database, a tool to help winelovers to track, discover and share wines everyday was created. Once the project had been presented and the app developed, in 2011 the beta version of Vivino became available to the public and in April 2012 the real app hit the market.

To give an idea about ​​how this new instrument has now spread like wildfire around the world, just consider that Italian wines in the database are 609.000 and users are 109.615; now there are more than 18 millions registered users in total, more than 50 million scans and 17 million wines registered in the database: you can certainly say that Vivino plays an important role in terms of "virtual wine shop." (Referring to 2016 data)

Vivino, as mentioned, is not only a rich folder of information about many wines with dizzying numbers, but it is also a way to help users to communicate with each other, to form a community of wine lovers, this is also thanks to the creation of a forum on the website. Also just think about the “wine explorer” function: it gives you the possibility to immediately search for dealers nearby that sell the wine you are looking for. This is an interesting feature because it allows wine bars and local retailers to connect with 17 million potential customers. From a consumer point of view, the advantage that Vivino offers, beyond the big wine database, is that it is able to give different opinions and judgments on the products according to different sensory experiences of users, without borders, free from the geo-localization: every assessment is available in any version, be it Spanish, French, English, Italian and so on.

So if you are a wine lover this is an app you should try: you will remember all the wines you taste and maybe buy them from the nearest dealer!