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Seeds and Chips ... The Winefathers was there!

by Matteo

11/MAY/2017 in Events


What we saw these days in Milan!

So many novelties from this young but already important event in the world of nutrition.

Born from a brilliant idea by Marco Gualtieri, from a side event at EXPO in Milan it has become a point of reference for operators and opinion leaders in the world of technological innovation in the food sector.

The Winefathers, therefore, could not miss this event!

Our booth was next to other young and dynamic startups that, like us, were mainly concerned with promoting small food producers through their digital platforms or propose an alimentary culture alternative to the mainstream one. So, no hot dogs or pre-packed donuts, just to be clear!

Rather than this, we found customized food programs designed to suit your lifestyle, with local ingredients cooked and delivered directly at home; Gluten-free foods and low carbohydrates, one-to-one cooking lessons... Digital is, of course, the everywhere, everything is done online: order, advice, payments.

A new way to shorten the distribution chain, reduce waste and consume what is really needed and can help us to be well.


The joint venture with Tutto Food 2017, held in the next pavilion and interconnected with Seeds & Chips, guarantees that touch of continuity with tradition, allowing you to experience the most classic food experience with contributions coming from all over the world.

Among the thousand interesting suggestions we remember the Halal foods, which intercept an ever-present demand in our country related to the Islamic food tradition, that has only recently found a highly qualified offer; Oriental veg cuisine, "traditional" proposals revisited from an organic point of view, such as the roll of savory cabbage, fermented tofu and corn prepared in real time that we tasted thanks to the cordiality of Korean chefs.

The great Italian tradition is still there: among the others, we remember the small Umbrian olive oil producers and the Emilian historical salumifici.


On top of that, there was a huge number of conferences and events on food, innovation and sustainability. On Tuesday 9th June Mr. Barack Obama was there as keynote speaker. 

One trend is emerging: resource are scarce and consumers are and need to be more and more critical, they need to be able to reduce the supply chain and favor the consumption of fruit and vegetables instead of meat. 1 kg of wasted meat "pollutes", in the sense that it costs in terms of production and disposal, such as 4 or 5 kg of vegetables.

50% of the wasted food in Italy (40 kg per family per year, mostly fresh foods) comes from the final consumer. It is therefore urgent to change the culture of consumers, rediscovering local products and moving away from the concept of aesthetics in favor of the genuineness and rediscovery of tradition. We couldn’t agree more: The Winefathers operate in this direction and value the small producers. Food is in fact also sharing!

Packaging also plays a key role: tailor-made packaging, we could say just in time and on demand to reduce production costs, waste disposal, and waste of the actual product. And there are already those who are moving in this direction, to mark an alternative path for future sustainable consumption ...