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The Winefathers on the road!

by The Winefathers

29/JUN/2016 in Press


The Winefathers around the world thanks to a special fan

In these days The Winefathers are around the world thanks to Giusy Concina.
You know, we like travelling, but Italy and its vineyards are not our unique passion.

Giusy is a driver and a photojournalist born 45 years ago in Tolmezzo, a small village in the North East of Italy. She has published several articles for 4x4 magazines and for, she personally writes the content of this interesting website. She wrote about the World Cup races, some reportages for tourist magazines and descriptions of 4x4 itineraries; she also made tests drive for 4x4 vehicles over long distances.

Thanks to her passion and her job, she travels the most of the year and she has had the opportunity to visit several countries, especially United Arab Emirates, Russia, China, Australia, USA, often living extreme situations, learning to adapt and to face every kind of difficulty. She told us that the magnates of UAE are great lovers of Italian wines.
The world is the same wherever you go: if you talk about wine, you will discover that we are all foodies!

In our first meeting, Giusy became a fan of The Winefathers: she loves our project and so she decided to "bring" The Winefathers in her travels, talking about us to the people.
Her enthusiasm for The Winefathers and her passion for 4x4 fascinated us and made us so pride!

Sunday, July 3 Giusy will bring The Winefathers to the 20th Rally Carnia 4x4 Memorial Titta Concina, an ecological rally that allows participants to stop along the road to remove debris on the streets. The program includes the departure from Tolmezzo after breakfast and briefing, the path length is 95 km and will end with dinner, awards and celebrations.
If any winelover wants to try, please write for more information to