Wine glass on the table

The Winefathers' book

by The Winefathers

11/MAY/2016 in Press


The Winefathers' book is on sale

"A timeless book. The exploration of each page is an exciting discovery" Stefano Buso, wine journalist

The Winefathers' book is on sale, more than 70 pages to discover how the idea and the project were developed. It all started in Luca Comello’s office, management engineer engaged in an entrepreneurial project related to the world of 3D printers. Luca surfed the web looking for inspiration, looking for an idea, but Internet was a too aseptic world, too virtual.

Until he discovered Etsy, an e-commerce portal dedicated to handicrafts. An online community became a worldwide phenomenon with millions of members and billions of visits. He was surfing Etsy when an idea came: why not do something similar with wine? For Luca and his friends that soon joined him, wine is not just a commercial product, but it means love for nature, the memory of peasant origins and the taste of conviviality. The idea began to take shape, and so “The Winefathers”, a playful name, a bit provocative, beyond the clichés on wine and Italians.

"A real experience through vineyards and winemakers," it's the first phrase of the book which outlines the philosophy behind the project.
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