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The Winefathers and ... Vinitaly 2017

by Luca C.

13/APR/2017 in Events


Vinitaly 2017, we were there. Our comments on the winemakers!

We always say that The Winefathers is a family. Be part of the wine family: it’s our pay-off as well. Therefore Vinitaly for us is not a fair, it’s the yearly chance to meet our winemakers, talk with them tasting their wines, take a picture together. Those who are already part of our project, and those we have known in these years. Below is a brief review, between the serious and the facet, of our encounters in Verona.


Eredi di Cobelli Aldo (Trentino) - when he saw us coming, Devis put his hands in his hair. He looked around, looked for his brothers, got sick, but there was nothing to do. No way, for his Nosiola we are ready to do everything. I haven’t messaged him for a few days, but from Monday on I start again.



Tenute Pacelli (Calabria) - #ledonnebiodelsud do not even drop one centimeter. We loved them right from the first meeting, at Vinitaly one year ago. And in June we bring them to Udine!



Ferlat (Friuli-Venezia Giulia) - we have in mind the image of that green t-shirt that perfectly matches the background of the same tint. Bottle in his hand. Hollywoodian smile. Since his wines are no longer news (everyone knows that he knows how to do them well!), he is looking for new ways to be popular!



Masseria Felicia (Campania) - Felicia is unique as her Falerno del Massico (unforgettable), daring as her falanghina (fragrant), unpredictable as her posts on facebook. We've been talking for years, it looks like we have seduced her and suddenly … she runs away! In Verona we almost locked her in her booth to get the fateful yes. We've ripped off half a promise ... is this the right time?



Carbone Vini (Basilicata) - eh, there is nothing to do, Luca and Sara are always the most beautiful winemakers at Vinitaly. To note four things. One: Luca this year moved to casual after the years of extreme elegance. Two: Sara has let her hair grow, we like her!! Three: how beautiful is Stupor Mundi's new label. Four: their stand was overcrowded!



Borgo di Colloredo (Molise) – they welcomed us as friends, we tasted a Tintilia we will not forget easily, and they fed us with salami and molisani delicatessen.



Santa Maria la Nave (Sicily) - Sonia is excited about her project, and she is right. Browsing a book, she showed us photos of her vineyards placed at 1,100 meters above sea level, on Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe. She then took us by hand accompanying us in the tasting of her two wines. She treats them with the care that a mother has for her children. Impressed by such a care and quality, we promised to see each other again ... on The Winefathers!

Force of nature!


See you next year!