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The best harvest ever

by Luca C.

13/NOV/2017 in Winemakers


There is one very funny thing. Months before the wine harvest: every year will be the best one. Is that my impression or is it really like that?

Here is a collection of some of the statements from recent years, starting from 2017 and going backwards.



Both Coldiretti and Confagricoltura ensure that the vintage is now of excellent quality, although production will probably be reduced by about 15-20% but not everywhere. According to Giovanni Busi, President of Consorzio Vino Chianti: "In the vineyards where the rainfall of these days has been abundant, we will certainly witness an excellent harvest, perhaps the best of recent years. The climate that has been created is definitely optimal for the last cycle of ripening of the grapes".



And while waiting for the beginning of the harvesting of red berried grapes in Valpolicella, the harvest already started in the white grapes vineyards in Trentino and Friuli is of great satisfaction, with sugar and acidity values in line with those of the best vintages of the last 50 years.



If these favourable climatic conditions continue for the next few days, 2015 will certainly be memorable, explains Francesco Colpizzi, president of Confagricoltura Toscana. Obviously, to be sure of this we will have to wait until all the grapes are taken to the cellar, but we can certainly already classify this harvest as one of the best of the last twenty years.



In the North, the vintage, unfortunately, is a negative one. But in the South it was much better. According to Gaspare Baiata, president of the Paolini wineries, this harvest has been the best of the last twenty years.



In Molise, the 2013 vintage has been the best of the last 5 years, but also in Maremma.



In Sicily, the harvest started this week with the harvesting of Chardonnay grapes, which will be harvested at night or in the early morning to preserve the aromas of the grapes. Leaving aside the estimates, the prediction of having an excellent vintage is said to be among the best of the last ten years, is the best news that we would have liked to hear.



2011 was a difficult year. According to oenologists, the 2011 harvest was the lowest of the last 60 years

But Prosecco was able to celebrate.

Prosecco Superiore: the best grape harvest of the last few years is coming on the hills of Conegliano Valdobbiadene. The technical office of the Consorzio di Tutela del Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore is the one that affirms this. The quantity of grapes destined to become the symbolic bubbles of the Treviso Brand will be on average, but the quality - they say - will be really superior. Despite the early harvesting and the great heat of these days, the hill guarantees cool and ventilated evenings and good temperature excursions.


And so on, going back in time, you can find other mythological harvests.

2006 was golden for the Centre-North. In the Centre-North, the harvest must be remembered as the best of recent years: overall excellent, although with few peaks of excellence. 

2005 was a very favourable year for Sicily: it was one of the best harvests of the last 30 years - explains Franco Pisa, Assovini's managing director. 

And if we go down to the last millennium, we find other two vintages in Walter Filiputti's stories: The 85's harvest, which was superb, the best, with' 99, of the last fifteen years of the 20th century. 


And so on. We joked, we know this. In the end, in our opinion, these declarations contain above all the wishes and prayers for Mother Nature to be propitious. After all, agriculture is an ancient trade, and rituals are always the same.

Good luck to our winemakers. We hope 2017 was really … the best harvest of the last few years!!


Photo credits: Karsten Würth