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Seeds and Chips ready to start

by Luca C.

07/MAY/2017 in Events


Within a few hours, Seeds & Chips, one of the most important events on food innovation, will open.

But first of all, what do we mean by food innovation?

Let's have a look at the definition right from the Seeds and Chips site:

Food Innovation concerns the whole food chain, from farm to fork: the increasing world population and protein consumption, climate change, scarcity of available resources, socio-demographic changes, protection of health and irreversible and overt changes in the processes of choice and purchase are all important to food innovation. We are changing the ways in which food is produced, processed, distributed, communicated and consumed. Never before in history has man faced challenges so urgent and never before has he had access to the technological infrastructure to address them, and still there remains so much potential to be discovered.

In this regard, Seeds and Chips is a forum, a meeting place for those who develop innovation and who is willing to invest in this innovation, or, more simply, is curious to know it. The event, which will take place in Milan from tomorrow 8th May to the 11th, will be a succession of presentations, conferences, debates. Among the many guests of international prestige stands out former US President Barack Obama.

Five macro-areas will outline, through the presence of international exhibitors, the future of food.

  1. AgTech: technology applied to agriculture, and hence precision agriculture, hydroponic cultivation techniques, aquaponic, vertical gardens, drones and sensors as tools to support agriculture, etc.
  2. Transformation: the definition of future foods, process control, packaging, 3D printers, super food, and so on.
  3. Distribution: smart packaging, marketplaces, future supermarket, e-commerce, online payments, smart labels, tomorrow's logistics, and so on.
  4. Health: nutrition and precision cooking, nutraceuticals, big data, smart kitchen etc.
  5. Knowledge and sharing: sharing economy, crowdfunding and crowdsourcing, cognitive cooking, food patents etc.

We will also be there among the innovators, with humility and pride. There's so much to innovate in the world of wine!

See you in Milan, Pad 12, Stand L13.