Wine glass on the table

"Our" Vinitaly

by The Winefathers

12/APR/2016 in Events


Our Vinitaly is faces and hands, even before wine.

Our Vinitaly is faces and hands, even before wine.

Because in the first year and a half of The Winefathers we have met people, more than products or territories.

Marco Cecchini, generous and exuberant as his Tove. Sara Carbone, beautiful and elegant as her Fiano. Luca and Paola from Bele Casel, very popular as their Prosecco.

Moreno Ferlat (in the picture with our Luca & Luca ... beautiful like the sun), Thomas Malatesta, Giampaolo and Marcello from Podere il Saliceto and Sebastiano from Monte Gorna: young, bright, happy.

They are our artisan winemakers, they make us proud, and meeting them is always a party.

And new friends, as Simone from Rio Maggio, Gigi from Corte Fusia, Enrico Togni, Laura from Tenute Pacelli, Gianluca from Cascina Garitina, Devis from Eredi di Cobelli Aldo, Marianna from Pietraventosa, Felicia from Masseria Felicia. Faces and hands, even before wine.