Wine glass on the table

Our impressions on the 6th market of the wines from independent winemakers

by Michelangelo Zigiotti

29/NOV/2016 in Press


A big issue was this year. Numbers impressive and excellent products, made even better by the affection and precision of our winemakers. Here are our impressions of this sixth wine market of independent winemakers.

One week has passed since our visit to the 6th wine market for the independent winemakers that are part of FIVI. It’s been an increasingly exciting experience. This year the numbers have been great: 9,000 visitors and 421 winemakers.

For us it is always a special moment, because we have the opportunity to meet so many of our winemakers. A time to come together and talk to them, collect opinions and congratulations as well as some valuable advice. It's always nice to see how the passion that motivates us is shared by our winemakers. They have always been smiley, welcoming us like the first time we met them.

Being a wine fair, we could not leave with empty hands, so we tasted some wines, produced both by our winemakers and by others and we must be honest, we were blown away. The quality of wine is excellent, but this is no news. What surprised us the most was the commitment and dedication that the winemakers used to help us in choosing the right bottles, telling us the story of their wines and clearing out our doubts. When it comes to the bottles, we noticed how even small winemakers put more and more attention to marketing. New labels, colored and eye-catching design, but also bottles completely out of the box.

If you are curious and you want to participate at this fair next year, here is some advice. First, look for the precious booklet at the entrance, where you will find the complete list of the winemakers and their position within the fair. The fair is not huge, but if you do not want to walk blindly, believe us, this is a must-have. Second, don’t rely too much on your credit or debit card, because unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your point of view, there are very few winemakers who accept it. So go there with cash and take a cart to make your purchases in total comfort.

In conclusion, for this year we can be largely satisfied. Definitely some improvements are possible, but considering that this fair is still in its early years, it has already reached a more than satisfactory level.