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Meeting with the first Winecousin from America!

by The Winefathers

15/JUN/2016 in Events


A weekend among art, culture and Italian flavors, meeting Marilyn, our American Winecousin!

We will remember the last weekend as one of the most intense in The Winefathers history. In fact, we had the pleasure to host in our town a "relative" that now is also a dear friend of us: Marilyn Ricci.
Marilyn fell in love with The Winefathers few months ago, when she decided to support the project "Farmers of the lost fruits" by Sara and Luca Carbone, becoming their Winecousin. American with Italian origins, in love with our country as she tells in her blog, she decided to take the plane and come to meet us and spend two days together. That's how we started a tour across our region - Friuli Venezia Giulia - and its traditions.

The best way to do this? Throughout its food and wine heritage, of course! Starting from the aperitif in Udine, that immediately turned into a party: some followers of The Winefathers joined us, sitting around the table drinking a good Friulano, a local white wine. We felt like home. Wine has the great power to warm up heart and spirit, giving moments of joy.
Then we went to our friend Simone, who hosted us in his ancient Hostaria al Fari Vecjo, making us enjoy frico, polenta, Prosciutto di San Daniele and, finally, Gubana with grappa. A typical Friulian dinner with a selection of special local wines. A party with excellent food and good music, singing songs together. But in the middle of the night we had to stop ... we had a great program for the day after!

In fact, on Sunday morning we left for Cividale, old town and Heritage UNESCO site, situated a few miles from Marco Cecchini Winery, our winemaker. We visited Piazza Diacono, the Cathedral, the Devil's Bridge with its mysterious legend. A coffee-break at the bar under the sun of June and then we went to visit the Tempietto Longobardo. And the best was yet to come...

At the end of the tour, we crossed the Colli Orientali and we arrived to Marco Cecchini Winery. Marilyn was immediately fascinated by the stories of our winemaker, great speaker, by the beauty of the Friulian hills that she admired from the vineyard, and by the winemaking secrets she learned during the visit of the cellar.
Wine tasting came soon. Marco, creative chef, offered us a culinary journey in which local flavors met the scents of faraway lands: gazpacho with toasted polenta accompanied by his elegant Pinot Grigio; black rice with vegetables lying on a crispy frico served with refined Tové, blend of Verduzzo and Friulano; lamb with polenta and BBQ sauce. But the big revelation was Refosco 2005! A wine that enchanted us. A bottle that was waiting to be opened for a special occasion. Finally a Hapsburg dessert to enjoy with Verlit.

So time rapidly flew. We talked together till late afternoon, the scent of summer rain and the noise of the storm in the background. Family stories, travels, future projects... it has been hard to say goodbye and to drive back Marilyn to the hotel, ready to leave.
Very hard to do because these were two days of sharing, friendship and growth that we will not forget. That's why we wanted to finish this weekend with a promise: to meet again next year to continue the journey to discover Friuli with our friend Marilyn.