Wine glass on the table

Let’s talk about numbers!

by Luca C.

26/SEP/2017 in Wines


The numbers for wine are all positive. Excellent signal. Or not?

Let’s try to talk about numbers. We never do it. The Winefathers is emotions, stories, fatigue. But if some people think that arithmetic is poetry, if Galileo maintained that the book of nature is written in mathematical language, if when you present a concept you are asked to prove it (using the instruments of logic that lead you to conclude with that wonderful CVD...), if our leader Charles (Baudelaire) wrote that "everything is number, the number is in everything", then let’s take some time and consider some data.

Data that imply a trend: wine consumption grows and grows especially in the 35-44 years old age group. These numbers refer to the United States, which, as we know, is the most important market for wine in the world.

And so Angelo Peretti from The Internet Gourmet titled Bye bye beer, wine is back. Well, it does not grow so much, but this year 4 billion bottles of wine will be sold in the States, 43.5 million more bottles than in 2016. Beer suffers instead. The millennials prefer wine to beer, and if CNBC says so we believe in it.

Of course, the American market is still relatively immature in terms of wine consumption, at least in terms of quality, and therefore this dynamic may not adapt to more mature markets such as Europe. And perhaps the States are no longer the locomotive they used to be, even from a point of view of cultural and consumption models.

But if we turn our heads on the other side (or more concretely open another tab of our browser) we see similar dynamics. Take imports of wine to China for example. 840 million bottles of wine in 2016 (peanuts compared to the States), fifteen percent more than in 2015.

In all this global triumph, we Italians are growing too, just look at the export chart.

Ok, what’s left, after this hangover of numbers? In my opinion, a potential, which must be seized, but with intelligence. The numbers are there, and this is good. Values and reputation are to be built, and this is better. An attitude towards export (of goods) and import (of people... let's call them tourists, winelovers or as you like). But let us know how you see it! I don't know anything else, I'm going to think about it, in front of a good glass... of wine!  


Photo credits: Nick Hillier on Unsplash