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FIVI: Who are the independent winemakers

by Michelangelo Zigiotti

04/FEB/2017 in Press


The 6th market fair for Italian independent winemakers is almost here. This event is organized by FIVI. But what FIVI stands for? And who is part of this association? Let's have a look.

Saturday we will be in Piacenza for the Wine Market of Independent Winemakers of FIVI (Italian Federation of Independent Winemakers) and we want to say a few words on this event.

Let's start from the birth of this important reality.

It is an association conceived in 2006, but it was born on July 17, 2008, because of the need and the desire to protect and collect Italian independent winemakers within a system that could protect them and why not join them. It is not a new idea. In France there is CEVI (Confederation des Vignerons Europenne Indipendants), that in 2006 expressely required the FWS (Association of Independent Winegrowers of South Tyrol) to create something very similar in Italy. This is how the story started.

But who are these independent winemakers? They are wine growers and wine producers who have decided to remain strongly linked to their territory. These are the criteria, directly from FIVI, that every winemaker that joins the federation has to follow:

  • The winegrower cultivates his own vines, bottles the wine, personally catering to his product. He sells all or part of the harvest bottled, under his own responsibility, name and label.
  • The winegrower does not purchase grapes or wines for commercial purposes; he buys grapes only in extreme cases of vinification needs, in conformity with the laws in force.
  • The winegrower respects the oenological norms of the profession, limiting the use of needless and costly additives, focusing his attention on the production of wholesome grapes that do not need “maquillage” in the cellar.

An independent winemaker is therefore very linked with his territory and he must communicate this to the consumer. If a winemaker meets the requirements, he can become part of the FIVI after paying a membership fee. FIVI is present in different regions of Italy through its delegations. The purpose of this federation is first of all to support its members, through the mediation with government and participating in wine-growing development policies at national and European level, but also the promotion of a healthy production of wine and a sustainable cultivation and low environmental impact to ensure that proper respect that human beings must have towards the earth.

We have always promoted, within our project, only independent winemakers, because we firmly believe in their immense potential; they are not just a niche, but they are a tremendous asset for the entire winemaking and wine tourism world.

Now that you know a little bit more about FIVI… we wait for you this weekend in Piacenza! See you there! 


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