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(con)FUSIONE: what we bring home

by Luca C.

13/JUN/2017 in Events


A post on the series of event called (con)FUSIONE, but, at the end, a post on what does quality mean for us

The series of events called (con)FUSIONE was born almost by chance. It was born because, we said, if someone organized a wine tasting where you could discover new artworks, meet interesting people, and with some good music as well... we would go to such an event. This is how it was born, and now that it is over, we can say it’s been an unforgettable adventure.

Unforgettable, but why?

For the quality of the encounters. Quality that does not mean luxury, ostentation, perfection. No, indeed. It means passion, relationships, time spent together, tasting some unusual wines, but for sure real wines, produced by real winemakers, people who spend the day in the vineyards and in the cellar and think that this is the best life in the world.

Who came to the events (con)FUSIONE found this kind of quality, which in our opinion is the true quality, the true luxury nowadays. Who came, found different atmospheres: from the realism of the pictures dedicated to Sicily from the Circolo Fotografico Friulano to the accuser eyes of the men with the hat from Tiziano Bravi, from the surprise of being the protagonists of an installation conceived for us by the collective Dalla Maschera Al Volto, to Laura Ellero's pop art. Even our wines were different every night: the Sicilians of Tenuta Monte Gorna, the Freisa of Ca 'del Prete, the Friulian whites of La Cricca, and finally the organic wines from Calabria of Tenute Pacelli.

What has never changed is the availability, kindness and commitment of all the people that supported us. So, it’s time for thank you! To Maria Da Broi, owner of MAKE, the best exhibition space in Udine, Laura Pigani of the Messaggero Veneto, for her contribution in finding some of the artists and having them interviewed during the evenings, Giuliana Ganzini of the Hotel Suite Inn for the fittings, advice and availability, Dario Buttazzoni for really great photos, Rossella Pepponi for poster and postcard graphics, Sabrina and Max of Ristorante Al Tiglio, sommeliers Ferruccio and Matrix for wine selection and pairing and the impeccable service, and the collaborators of The Winefathers who did a bit of everything before, during and after the evenings.

(con)FUSIONE is over. Or rather, the first edition of (con)FUSIONE. See you after the summer!



Here are the links to the photos of the first, second, third and fourth evening



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