Wine glass on the table

(con)FUSIONE - Art and wine tastings in Udine

by Luca C.

06/MAR/2017 in Events


We are proud to launch (con)FUSIONE, a unique event of its kind where art, wine and haute cuisine will merge together.

Four nights to immerse yourself in a contemporary atmosphere, establish relationships, admire and taste.

It will be a way to rediscover the projects and the designers - be they painters, photographers, poets, or ... winemakers -, being around a table to tell stories and share views and sipping a glass of wine.

(con)FUSIONE will start March 24 at MAKE Spazio Espositivo with the event U Viaggiu scausu / Estate Siciliana, an immersion in the vitality of Sicily through its colors and its flavors. In this journey you will meet the images of seven photographers from the Circolo Fotografico Friulano that have devoted an exhibition to Sicily, and especially to the feast of San Paolo Patrò. Participants will hear the stories of the artists tasting the artisan wines coming from the Etna from Tenuta Monte Gorna that the chef from Ristorante Al Tiglio will pair with Sicilian natural cooking suggestions.

The atmosphere changes for the second event - entitled What if tonight comes the man in the hat? - to be held April 21 at Caffè Caucigh. You will be welcomed by the unique and brilliant painting by Tiziano Bravi, a self-taught artist unaccustomed to the limelight, but able to surprise thanks to his characters described in brilliant colors. The wines selected for the evening - combined with the local cuisine from Caucigh - are the organic ones from Ca 'del Prete, the project of the young Piedmontese winemaker Luca Ferrero that is rediscovering some of the lesser-known varieties of the territory.

The third event will be again at MAKE Spazio Espositivo on May 19 for the highly anticipated Your_Wine_Is_Underground, evening that marks two firsts. On the one hand the sensory performance created specifically for (con)FUSIONE by the art collective Dalla Maschera Al Volto, which will involve participants in an experience quite out of the ordinary. On the other hand the presentation of the wines of the project La Cricca: 2,000 numbered bottles of Friulian wines. It will still be the natural cuisine of Ristorante Al Tiglio to enhance the aroma of the wines.

Fourth and last stage of (con)FUSIONE will be - again at Caffè Caucigh, June 9 - Not all cages come to harm, evening where the creativity, colors and emotions of the works of Laura Ellero will meet the flavors and new interpretations of the organic wines from Tenute Pacelli, a young wine all-female project carried on stubbornly in a difficult region like Calabria.

(con)FUSIONE will be this, and much more. Because what will happen during the evenings will depend on you, on the relationships you will tighten, on the experiences and stories that you will share. We believe in this, and we wait for you.


All the events will start at 19.30. Entrance 25 euro. Ticket for all 4 events 90 euro.

Bookings: +393275618717